Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy, Busy--Makes for a Bad Blogger

I think this may be a record for how long I have gone without a blog post, which does not follow what the real estate experts and coaches preach--consistency at all costs! However I don't hold a lot of credence in what the experts say. Those who can't, teach. If they knew the magic formula on how to sell real estate, then they would be doing it, not coaching others. Besides, I don't believe this blog has generated a single lead for me. It is more of a hobby, and a place to vent-- or hear my self pontificate.

So despite the doom and gloom, that everyone, including NAR keeps churning out in the media, I have been the busiest I have been. Some of this is in direct proportion to situating myself with other Re/Max agents, and working referrals for people who do not want to drive all the way up into the boonies.
Short sales and foreclosures are still in the forefront. Four out of my six current deals are distressed properties. Although maddening, it is where the money is, and so I continue to work them. Dealing with a distressed property one must simply check your common sense at the door, and then slog through, and with enough fortitude, you can make them work.

So between busy and being a part time stay at home dad for my six month old, now that my wife is back at work, blogging unfortunately has taken a back seat. It is always the fifth or sixth thing on the to-do list, and I simply haven't gotten there-- until today. And I'm sure there are a long list of fans, you are internally shouting hooray when they see I have finally posted again.

Gas drilling rumours and debates continue to swirl. We have our very own celebrity Mark Ruffalo who has taken up the cause, and has been very vocal against the drilling. Gasland has managed to scare the bejeesus out of people although I could swear that Michael Moore's name should be somewhere in the credits. It is that skewed and propaganda full.

I am by no means pro drilling, however the "chicken little" reaction that a lot of people, (other than the ones who are signing leases, and waiting by the mail box) are having is a little over the top. All these folks drive cars that use gas, switch on a light bulb that burns coal, and use some sort of fossil fuel for heat. Everyone agrees that there is a need for prisons, but no one wants to live by one. The whole "not in my backyard" reaction is a little annoying.

Also I think if we stay on these gas companies, and make sure they aren't allowed to do whatever they want, it could help this county, and bring in some much needed  revenue. They are coming. There has been too much money already spent. Lets spend the energy on working with them, and assuring that somehow we can peacefully co-exist. (Suddenly I feel like singing Koom Bah Ya.)

On a personal note, I can add two more to the list of people who dislike me. One is an appraiser, who is a self important windbag, who came in with an appraisal 1.5% under ask. $3,000. Buyer is a young FHA buyer with only 2% down, so it killed the deal. Tried to politely explain to the appraiser that what he does is ultimately an opinion, and to kill a deal over 1.5% seems ridiculous to me. He responded that real estate brokers have no idea what they are doing, so I ceased being polite. I don't think I'm getting a Christmas card from him.

The other is a home inspector, who found mold in a basement. (Basement had been closed for the summer, as the house unoccupied.) We knew it wasn't a chronic, serious problem, because his company had done an inspection on the same home six months ago, and found no evidence of mold. At any rate, seller remdiated at a cost of a few thousand. Home inspector reccomened that buyer do an air test throughout the entire house to make sure mold was gone. Sounds like a good idea. Especially for him as the cost is $500.

He comes on a day when it is pouring rain, and sets up these air sucking machines in all areas of the home. He also sets one up outside, because that is the control. There is mold everywhere in our environment. The key is to make sure that the levels inside are not elevated, from the outdoor levels.

Well of course they come back elevated. Along with this long report, there is a short list on the bottom of mold remediation "experts" who would be happy to fix the "infestation." Now keep in mind this is a complete remodel, with sheet rock less than two years old.

Buyers understandably freak. They are ready to walk. Initial quotes of mold removal are in the tens of thousands. (although it must be invisible mold, because it is nowhere to be seen.

So I hop on the internet, and start doing some research. The first thing I find, is you never do an outdoor control in rainy, extremely windy, or below freezing temperatures. Its skews the levels. Now if I found that out in five minutes in my office, how does this meathead not know this? And so I asked him that. Another one who won't be sending me a seasons greetings. At least the buyers were levelheaded enough to understand, and are moving forward with the sale.

Today was a perfect fall day. Little Zach is upstairs sleeping. Life is good.