Sunday, May 4, 2014

Inventory Rises With the Mecury

As is customary, real estate inventory here in Sullivan County has swelled as we have headed into spring. This is nothing new. Every year this happens. Sellers wait until the temperature rises and the snow melts. They then do the necessary touch-ups to the property, and call a real estate agent to list. I am happy with the new crop of homes this spring. There are some REALLY nice--priced right listings that have come on the market over the past few weeks.

302 Tannery Road $975K
This is a 125 acre piece (including the entire Forest Glen Lake)  in Forestburgh, adjacent to Merriwold. The structure is a bit dated, but in a charming summers-on-lake kind of way. It is also big, almost 2700 square feet. Yes the price tag is a bit pricey, but in my opinion well worth it. This has been owned by the same family for 50 years. Click here for more info.

128 Basket Road $449K 
This sprawling stream front gem is in Fremont Township which makes it a little further from the city, however the location of this property is well worth the extra minutes in the car. It is set on five acres, with Basket Brook (a year round trout stream) cascading by the rear of the property. The home has been refurbished, and everything is done tip-top. Catch dinner in your backyard! This is one of those properties that forces you to relax when you are here, and makes you reluctant to leave. Click here for more info.

56 Beaverbrook Road $299K
This is my listing. So perhaps I am a bit biased. However I have had two of the top brokers here in Sullivan County tell me that it is a great house, and they think it will sell quickly. It is a Adirondack style cabin on 9.5 very private acres and just steps from the home is Mill Pond. This is the quintessential lake front cabin in the woods. Very special property. Click here for more info.

127 Forestburgh Road $349K 
My final favorite new listing brings us back to Forestburgh. This area is always popular, because it is under that magic two hour window to the city. This charming old farmhouse dates back to 1780. It is set on 11 bucolic acres with a nice pond. The entire vibe of this property is peaceful serenity. Click here for more info.

Good, priced right inventory is what our area needs. The properties above are only a small sampling of the crop of great listings that have hit the Sullivan County real estate market in the last month or so. give me a call if you are looking for an upstate getaway. I can assist you in finding that dream home.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Flood Insurance Affordability Act Passses

Steven Palazzo, R-Miss urging the Senate to vote yes
 The Flood Insurance Affordability Act passed in the Senate by an overwhelming 72-22 margin. NAR had been pushing strongly for this. It is good to see that sometimes when things are this unfair, both sides of the aisle see that, and make sure that tax dollars are going towards something that makes sense. (It is not too often you can say that!) In fact it was republican Rep. Michael Grimm (of "I'll break you in half" fame.) who sponsored the bill. Although most of the nays did come from the right wing side of the aisle.

This bill effectively repealed the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 which came along and among other things, changed flood zone maps throughout the country. They also changed the rules for second homes and "repetitive loss" homes, did away with the "grandfathering" of some zones and lessened the potential government subsidies for flood victims. The result was much higher premiums and in some cases homes that insurance companies would not touch, making them un-lendable.

On paper the Biggert-Waters bill made some sense. There was too much convolution, and this was supposed to make things simpler. But in true government form, it didn't. And in some cases it literally forced people out of their homes.

NAR got involved once there came reports that deals were falling through because banks were refusing to lend on homes that could no longer get insurance. There was the typically finger pointing, but FIAA has made it through the Senate. Now all it needs is Obama's stamp, and hopefully it will ease things for folks in the flood zones.

In other National Association of Realtor News, we finally have a new general counsel. Katie Raynolds Johnson was chosen to replace Laurie Janik who retired last year after many years of service.
“I am excited and honored to be offered this opportunity,” said Johnson in a written statement. “I am looking forward to my new leadership role as part of NAR’s stellar legal team, continuing our work on behalf of the association and its Realtor members.”
Johnson was chosen as NAR’s senior vice president and general counsel as part of a comprehensive national search. She was chosen after narrowing down over fifty high level applicants.

What is the pay? Well that is a bit of a secret, but it is safe to say that our dues are bein put to good use.