Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer is Gone

It really didn’t hit me until this week how quiet it has gotten up here in Sullivan, post Labor Day. I drove to downtown Callicoon last night and there was only one car parked on main street. I had gotten used to driving through at least once or twice to find a good spot. And then again driving into the office this morning, the roads are all very quiet. The leaves are changing, the fall crispness is in the air. I love this time of year.

But what does this mean for my sellers? A few are not happy. They are worried we have missed the selling season, and with school tax time fast approaching, there are a few that are re-examining their strategies.

In my short real estate career it has historically seemed like the fall is not a bad time for activity here in Sullivan. Now granted if you go by the sold numbers in the fall, those are all deals put together in the middle of summer, and for some the search may have begun around Memorial Day. However, my phone is still ringing, and people are still making appointments.

I think for smart buyers, now would be the time. When is it the best time to by an air conditioner? Certainly not the first eighty-five degree day in June. And we all know the best time to get Christmas decorations is Dec. 26th.

It will be interesting to watch the pending list over the next couple of months. I think the fall will continue the upward trend of activity.

For now though I will enjoy the quiet sidewalks of our little towns, and watch the leaves do their thing. Fall really is the best time of year.

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