Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad Blogger

Haven't been blogging in a while, but I have been really super busy. Real estate is not moving so much, (although I have had showings every weekend.) But my concierge business over the past few months has sky-rocketed. Who knew that there were so many people concerned with their second homes.

Many of my customers do have high-tech gadgets where they can see from their web cams on their computers at home, what is going on in the house, low temperature alarms automatic lights etc. but the pure hassle and worry of what may be going on while they are away, is what I think drives this business. A home is a huge investment, and many times, (intentionally) the house is tucked away from anyone else. Being able to call someone like me, to make sure all is well, is a piece of mind, that is worth a couple of bucks to some folks.

I really enjoy it. Driving around the winter countryside, and inspecting different types of homes is a really a nice way to make a few extra bucks. And very often I come across real estate signs and listings I might have otherwise missed. A wise old real estate man once told me that an agent doesn't make money at home or in the office. He makes it in his car.

But today I am snow bound, with a wife who is four weeks away from our first. I was unceremoniously removed from the bedroom I was using as an office, (which is now blue with an oak crib also waiting for the little one's arrival.) and am now in the basement. Its pretty nice down here. I've got a little window watching the snow pile up. Life is good.

On the real estate front, I've got a few deals pending, but both are short sales, where if you let it, it will drive you crazy. Dealing with a bank loss mitigaion department is the equivalant of banging your head against the wall.

Prices continue to fall, and I think sellers some sellers have taken that deep sigh, and realized what kind of market we are in, and that it is here to stay.

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