Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Back from the Dead and a Brand New Website

Hopefully anyone considering using my services won't think that my lack of consistency on blogging reflects my business practices in general. The fact of the matter is, The Blog is always last on the to-do list, and very rarely do I get down that low. However I again read an article about how it can really boost business, so sort of like dusting off the treadmill for another go at it, I have resolved to keep current, and post once a week.

I had a busy beginning of '11...seven transactions sides closed already. For some I suppose that is not busy, but for here in Sullivan, in the midst of a prolonged real estate doldrum, it is. And it has kept me running around the last few months. (Spell check is insisting you cannot have a single doldrum, but I disagree.)
And although there was doom and gloom again in the media (the numbers for the first quarter of this year were abysmal and talk of a double dip have been circulating) for me, and other brokers in the area, it seems like things are picking up. The interest is there, but all buyers I have dealt with are very cost conscious, and will not jump unless it feels like a very good deal. It is the nature of the market.

I have had some listings that have been sitting for a bit, and my sellers are anxious. There are a few that I think are very good deals, and despite my best efforts at marketing, they continue to languish. Annoying for me, and the sellers. Oh well, patience (from what I've heard) is a virtue.

The other endeavor that has kept me busy (besides a 1 year old who likes to put everything in his mouth. Seriously, he thinks the world is one giant smorgasbord) is a brand new website. I am still working out the tweaks, and it cost me a bit of money, but I think I will reap the benefits. I have learned how to write some code, and although I don't think I will ever be confused with Zuckerberg, it has been a fun project. Now I just need some hits. Click here for my website  (See I wrote that link with html. That is why it opens the link in a new window.) Genius!

OK off to preview in the rain.

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