Sunday, October 23, 2011

Smallwood and Multiple Offers

Smallwood Streamfront Cabin 129K

I had an inspection in Smallwood yesterday, but no scheduled showings this weekend. That is in stark contrast to last week, where both days were chalk full, and on Saturday I met six different customers. The day was fruitful however. I ended last weekend with four offers.

Three were on the same house, however. It is a short sale that I have listed, and have had listed for almost four months. When we first put it on the market, it got a bit of mild interest, but then tailed off, and despite the fact that I dropped the price a few times, and marketed the hell out of it, it sat without a whole lot of activity.

Well last week, I dropped it another ten thousand, and all of the sudden I started getting calls on it. I had to squeeze in four different showings on Sat. morning, and of course—feast or famine—three of the four showings resulted in offers.

This is the first time I have been in a multiple offer situation like this. And believe me I am not complaining. I think most brokers would love to be in this predicament, but unfortunately I liked all three couples, and all three really liked the property. So we asked for everyone’s highest and best by Tuesday—and on Wednesday I was in the odd position of calling two of them with bad news. I felt like Simon Cowell sitting at the desk after the contestants make the long elevator ride. It was a weird feeling and no fun at all.

But the couple that did “win” are very happy. This is a special property, and hopefully the bank will agree to the short sale.

The other offer I received was from a couple that has been looking for awhile in Smallwood. I had shown a few houses in Smallwood prior to this, but with these buyers we looked at between 10-15 homes. I was pleasantly surprised at Smallwood, and I plan on recommending this area more to people who are looking for affordable second home getaways.

Smallwood is a hamlet in Bethel, tucked in between White Lake and Swinging Bridge. It was originally settled in the 1800’s by eastern European immigrants, but it was not until A.N Smallwood came along in 1928 that it began to change into what it is today—A rural country escape, small, modest Adirondack style cabins hidden away under giant pine trees. Click Here for a History of Smallwood. As the years have gone on, more substantial—year round homes have been built. However Smallwood still has that feel of a working class summer retreat. If you are looking for a second home on a budget, you should definitely consider Smallwood. Although the pictures do not do it justice, Click Here for Smallwood Streamfront 

There were 19 properties reported sold in the Sullivan County MLS in the last ten days. Click Here for Solds.

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