Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sullivan County Real Estate Auction This Month

Well I have probably broken a record for how long it has been between posts, but my life has been as hectic as it can be. I had my second child three months ago, a little girl, who is the sweetest thing in the world, but a hell of a lot of work, my mother who has been ill for some time has taken a turn for the worse and requires a lot of care as we prepare for the inevitable, and we have also bought a house and moved. Whew, even writing it sounds exhausting.

After overseeing and physically doing a major part of the renovation of our new home, we are finally settling in. I have spent most of the last month or so looking like one of those semi-clueless people on the DIY network as I ripped up old carpet, and bad pink tile, and discovered that everything takes longer and costs more than anticipated.  But as I said, things are finally slowing down a bit. On top of all of that I wrote three offers so far this month, and have been out every weekend showing houses. There is no doubt. The market here in Sullivan County has rebounded.

But the remnants of the crash still surrounds us, and nothing makes that more obvious than the yearly Sullivan County Tax Auction. There are a record number of properties on the docket this year. Almost triple the amount there was back in '08. The auction takes place on June 20th and 21st in the auditorium at Sullivan County Community College. However there is an early registration and a chance for you to take a look at some of the auction properties before than. Click Here for all the info on the auction.

There will be some steals and deals to be made. A few of these are some pretty nice spots, and on average they go for around 70% of the original ask. So if you do a bit of homework and have your checkbook and your nerves ready, you could end up walking away with a nice deal.

There were 15 single family homes reported sold from the MLS in the last 10 days. Click here for the details


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