Sunday, February 15, 2009

Main Street Cafe in Narrowsburg

I suppose an upside to the slow down in the economy affords me a rare Sunday off. Today my wife and I ate breakfast at the Main Street Cafe. I forgot to bring my camera, and upon searching for a picture on google, the one above is the only one I could find. I apologize to the original owner if there is a copyright infringement, but it is a great picture of the outside deck.

The place was busy at 10:30, almost full. We got a table by the window, in the sun, it was a pleasant atmosphere from the beginning. It is small, probably about ten tables inside, and a bar that seats five or six. I would guess there was about twenty five diners, which is just about capacity.

The food was delicious, our waitress friendly, and although there was a wait for the food, it didn't bother me. We sat, and people watched, and read the paper. It reminded me of a few places I used to go too when I lived in Hell's Kitchen. The whole restaurant has that cozy tin ceiling feel. It would have fit right in on 10th Ave. (although the prices are definitely Sullivan County)

I know many of my customers come here to run away from people, but sometimes it feels good to be around folks, and after this long dreary winter, It felt good to be among humanity. I would recommend checking this place out, especially this summer when they get the deck open.

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