Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buffalo Zach's

Had a great experience at this eatery in Roscoe. And I would recommend it to all who are in that area. It is right off of 17 in "downtown" Roscoe. It has a large outdoor comfy eating area. The interior has a southwest/Starbucks feel without being cheesy. The food was delicious, and the service efficient and friendly. Tikki torches surround the outdoor deck, where there are weekend afternoon concerts--bluegrass and country, as well as some pretty talented one man bands. It is very pet friendly, and I have never been there when there has not been a pooch or two drapped over the feet of their owner on the deck.

There are some pretty cool eateries popping up here in Sullivan, which I think is a great sign, but what sets this one apart is the owner, Peter Swensey.

Peter is a soft-spoken, hard-working guy who oozes earnestness, and is impossible to dislike. He greets and chats with all the patrons, and his personality really shows not only in the decor, but in the feel of the place. Jason Dole wrote a great article in The Towne Crier a few years back about Peter. I attached a link below.

Anyhow, if you are ever in the area, and want to stop off the highway, for a bite of lunch at a great little spot, stop by Buffalo Zach's. I recommend the roast beef panini with roasted red peppers, and cheese and horseradish sauce.

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