Friday, October 16, 2009

120 Acre Sale in Glen Spey

A listing just went to sold status in the mls. It is 120 acres on Van Tuyl Road in Barryville, sold for $200,000. Nothing special about the land, but nothing really negative about it either, no power lines or steep grade. It is an estate sale, so perhaps there was some motivation with multiple siblings (just surmising) however, this cannot be classified as a distressed sale. It sat on the market for almost 700 days, price drops from $499,000.

This puts us in a land price area we have not seen for some time in this county--under $2,000 an acre. And it reinforces what I have been saying all summer. Buyers are only pulling the trigger when they feel they are getting a great deal.

At any rate this is going to add an interesting twist to large parcel land comps. I added the link to the listing below.

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