Monday, June 8, 2009

Primary vs. Second Home Buyers

As most of my readers, (if there in fact are any, besides my sister) know, I mainly specialize in second home buyers, city or suburb dwellers looking for a weekend/summer place. Every once in a while though, I get someone looking for a primary home. I had just such a family this weekend. A nice couple with three kids, re-locating to our area from Jersey. His company transferred him, and she is going to be working at our local hospital in the O. R.

They knew very little about the area, except that they needed to buy a home, and to be in it by the time the kids are back in school. It was nice taking them around, showing them different areas, and homes. It was a long day, but one that was beneficial.

Since it had been a while, the difference between primary and second home buyers was blatant. First of all, this couple has already made an offer on one of the houses we saw. That has never happened to me with second home buyers. For them it is at least two trips, and very often much more.

I liken it to buying milk and jewelry. If you go to the store to buy milk (a necessity) you will come home with milk, however, with jewelry, it must grab your eye, tantalize you, touch that human urge portion of your brain. That is what will trigger a purchase.

But then some might ask why I don't turn my attention to primary buyers, and in fact after getting such a quick offer, I contemplated that very idea. And the reason is simple. Showing nondescript ranches, and 3.5 bedroom modulars is boring--the dairy section of the real estate industry. I'd much rather work in the jewelry store, where things are more aesthetically pleasing. Sure you may have to work a bit harder, but the environment is better for the soul.

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