Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rust in Peace

After a crazy weekend last weekend, and a runaround day yesterday. I have no appointments today. It was a busy week, and possibly constructive. I have a few possibles. But today...nothing. I'm not complaining, it is a chance to catch up on some things, and relax a bit.

I have a new listing in Delaware County on the Beaverkill. Check it out on my website. I have decided not to really plug my listings on my blog, because it is a little gauche and not what this forum was intended for.

The only reason I bring it up, is I really have not explored that region along Old Route 17. It is a nice area, and it is not far from Roscoe, making it pretty accessible. If you are into trout fishing, I guess that is the spot to go. There were a ton of fisherman out and about, all dressed up in their angler finest. It is an area I plan on paying more attention to. Roscoe really is a cool little town, with Buffalo Zack's, and Live Bait and of course the Roscoe Diner (which is a great spot to meet customers, because everyone seems to know it.)

If you are currently looking, but are one of those leery about stepping over the magic 100 mile from NYC mark, I recommend checking out. It is a little further, but it may well be worth it in price and appeal.

I snapped this shot along Old Route 17. I think it shows the fun, hip feel of the area.

Would love the back story on this. Anyone know?

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