Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amendment of Post Below

I feel I must update my rather harsh post below. The appraiser in question called me, and we spoke at length. He agrees with me that the house was priced well, but he said he just couldn't find comps to support it.

We went back and forth a bit, and I dug up a comparison that was not on the mls., which he used, and lo and behold, the $4,000 gap was bridged, and all is well in real estate land.

I am still convinced that the comparison format to define value is flawed. How can a property ever appreciate if it is only compared to recent sales? It is sort of the chicken or the egg scenario, but there must be a price jump somewhere, to start the ball rolling. Does it begin with someone willing to pay cash to bridge a gap? Then once that property joins the comparison pool, the next buyer doesn't have to come up with as much cash.

And in the reverse, what we are seeing now is the foreclosures dragging down the comp. pool, and deflating value.

Who knows...What I do know is that this time it worked out, but I'm sure I will be in this predicament again. It is just very important to get all parties (broker, appraiser and lender) all on the same page, then at least there is a possibility to work it out.

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