Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Olympia Hotel Renovation

It appears as though the renovation on the old Olympia Hotel has slowed for a bit. They have all the new windows in, but the flurry of activity that began the endeavor has subsided a bit.

Perhaps I'm just anxious to see it finished. It really is a grand old building, and it deserves to stand proudly restored over the town. There is rumours of a dinner train that will take passengers from Port Jervis and back while enjoying dinner and drinks. I think that is a great idea, and hope it gets off the ground.

I am wary though. It seems that every year or so, there is some big "happening" in Sullivan County that will put us on the map, and enable us to rival the Berkshires, or the Hampton's. Something that will turn the tide of haphazard dilapidation that seems to dot our landscape.

Now this is on a smaller scale than Cappelli or six giant Indian casinos, or any other scheme that has been bandied about, but it some ways I think it may be more effective in maximizing this areas draw.

I know this has been discussed on other forums, but part of the Sullivan County appeal, is that it is not the Hampton's. A middle class "blue collar" (whatever that term really means) family can afford to buy a second home here. I was just out two weeks ago with a family where the father is a NYC fireman, and last year I sold a little place to a teacher and a toll collector. Sullivan still is affordable enough so that if one saves, a second home is doable.

I seem to have gotten of target, but I guess my point is that if the Olympia is successful, I think that it will enhance the Sullivan experience, and show what this area has been for over a hundred years. A playground for the not so rich and famous. What better way to illustrate that then with a restored old hotel and train station?

Below is an old picture of Callicoon in the early 1900's the Olympia is on the right. I also included the original link to the Democrat article


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  1. Renovation may cover the history of the place but it definitely will get the establishment up and running again.